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Ratko Zjaca

New album “Midnight in Europe”

Midnight in Europe

A new live album “Midnight in Europe” by the ZZ Quartet is coming out on CD and vinyl in April 2021: Ratko Zjaca, Simone Zanchini, Martin Gjakonovski and Adam Nussbaum.

Dave Liebman about this new live album: “Passionate‚Ķ lyrical‚Ķ one of a kind with virtuoso performance, this is music that should be heard by all music lovers.”

Steve Swallow about the new live album: “This recording reminds me how much fun a musical gathering can be. It’s good to recall that music, particularly improvised music, is rooted in dancing – the urge to shake that thing is universal, transcends all borders. We need music these days more than ever, and here’s just what the doctor ordered”.

Two new albums are out now

“Light in the World” – Ratko Zjaca (guitar / electronics / compositions) – Stefano Bedetti (tenor saxophone) – Renato Chicco (Hammond organ) – John Riley (drums).

“The Places You Will Go” – with incredible musicians in different line-ups, recorded in USA and Europe.

Croatian Composer Society Award 2019

Ratko received the award for authorship and artistic creation in jazz music from the Croatian Composer Society.

Ratko Zjaca

New album: “Light in the World”

After the success of the album “Life on Earth” released last year with Antonio Sanchez, Ratko recorded a new album in Italy, “Light in the World” with 9 new original compositions, with Stefano Bedetti, Renato Chicco and this time featuring on drums the great John Riley.

John Riley, Ratko Zjaca, Stefano Bedetti, Renato Chicco

New album: “Life on Earth”

The new album “Life on Earth”, with all original compositions by Ratko is out now.

Ratko Zjaca – guitar, Antonio Sanchez – drums, Stefano Bedetti – saxophone and Renato Chicco – Hammond organ.

Nocturnal Four – Renato, Antonio, Ratko, Stefano

“Don’t Try This Anywhere” wins Orpheus Award 2016

The album “Don’t Try This Anywhere” has won the Orpheus Award for 2016 – the best Italian production 2015 for jazz music.

The new album “Don’t Try This Anywhere” is out now

“Don’t Try This Anywhere”, recorded in New York City, Simone Zanchini, John Patitucci, Adam Nussbaum, Stefano Bedetti and Ratko Zjaca.

Ratko Zjaca, John Patitucci, Simone Zanchini, Stefano Bedetti, Adam Nussbaum

New album release with ZZ Quartet

A new album with original music titled “Beyond The Lines” from all members of the quartet is out now.

Info www.zz-quartet.com

Summer Tour 2013

Summer Tour 2013

Ratko Zjaca’s Mirabella Chambered Ten

A special 10-string fretted / fretless guitar.

After a successful collaboration in 2009 with the Mirabella Jazz Moderne Electric guitar, which Ratko used to record his last two albums, the great Cris Mirabella just finished a new, unique guitar for Ratko: the 2013 Ratko Zjaca Mirabella Chambered Ten signature model. This guitar was a special construction. An idea of Ratko Zjaca, which Cris Mirabella then put to design and applied to wood. The resulting guitar is a unique and exciting collaboration from these two artists.

Mirabella Chambered Ten

Album is out: Now and Then

Ratko and Miroslav Vitous

The Way We Talk: Album is out now

Ratko just released a new album with his new group with Simone Zanchini, Adam Nussbaum and Martin Gjakonovski.

Simone Zanchini, Martin Gjakonovski, Adam Nussbaum, Ratko Zjaca

Continental Talk

Continental Talk

John Patitucci, Steve Gadd, Ratko Zjaca, Randy Brecker and Stan Mitrovic

Crossing the Border

Crossing the Border

Ratko Zjaca, John Patitucci, Al Foster, Stan Mitrovic

A Day in Manhattan

A Day in Manhattan

Reggie Workman, Ratko Zjaca and Al Foster